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About Us

Prime Media Corp is a full service marketing company that specializes in connecting qualified Internet, Radio,  TV and Print leads with businesses of all sizes. Our marketing approach is simple: to create the shortest distance between a potential customer and your sales associates.

We customize campaigns specifically designed to target the demographics you are seeking within your industry. We do this by providing you with the most targeted Radio, TV and Internet campaigns available. Prime Media campaigns are designed with one focus and that is to shorten the sales cycle and increase the market share you capture. Let our media team help you to build the business, wealth and success you desire, by optimizing your marketing efforts, increasing your sales and maximizing your ROI.

Why Choose Us?

We do more than plan, book and execute on our long established media relationships. We take client retention and individual one on one support very serious! Our 97% client retention since 2009 has proven that and we are more than happy to connect you with clients to share their Prime Media Success Stories with you.

We will help you build a marketing campaign and design the necessary tactics for Radio, TV and Internet with personal attention to your needs that will deliver the right prospects, a high ROI and bottom line revenues… a winning combination for every successful business.

Our Favorite Part of the Campaign? The Results!

In addition, we also provide clients with media schedules tailored to business operation hours and many other filters when necessary. Our long-standing relationships with the various media partners will allow Prime Media Corp heavier buying clout and better opportunities than the competition. Come learn more about us and stop by our office or simply give us a call.