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How it Works

The process with our media team at Prime Media starts with us listening to you. There are no pre-conceived notions or ideas regarding why, where, what, when or how it works regarding marketing and various media campaigns. We start a dialogue with you to insure that we understand your goals and objectives before any media or marketing plans are even considered.

Our discovery process includes analyzing current market conditions and understanding product positioning, marketing objectives as well as incorporating key business strategies. The end result is a cost effective media plan/strategy you can be proud of along with an increase in your ROI!

Performance Tracking

Developed with your success in mind, the Prime Media Campaign Tracking system is a web-based reporting suite that delivers Performance Reports, Action Reports, Call Analysis Reports, Admin Reports; and, if data is not captured in one of these reports, Custom Reports can be requested at any time with usually a very fast turnaround time due to our in-house dedicated IT staff.

We take performance marketing monitoring serious and we offer our clients a state of the art web-based platform to see accurate data and analytical detailed reports about your campaign(s) with real time reporting, call rating features and recordings to track your campaign and budget.

The feedback we get from our clients combined with the Prime Media Tracking system further advances the Prime Media Quality Assurance team the ability to constantly fine tune campaigns in real-time. This process is extremely important and we do it 24/7/365 for our clients.

Maximize Your ROI

Ever feel like you’re simply rolling the dice when you make decisions? Stop looking in the dark, Prime Media Corp offers your company and it’s marketing needs a bright future! Get real time results, real time tracking and real bang for your buck. We take great pride in  helping businesses whether you are the small mom and pop shop, medium sized company or fortune 500 company reach it’s full marketing potential with our proprietary media and marketing campaign tracking technologies. Our in-house seasoned and highly talented media team talent combined with our technology is an appetite for success!