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Radio Leads or Branded Radio

radioiconPrime Media Corp generates leads by the thousands daily from radio. We have a world-class writing team that will create a custom radio campaign ad to ensure your company name becomes a household one nationally or simply in the markets you desire. We have assembled the finest voice-over talent in the nation that will put your company front and center! Take your company to the next level and call Prime today for more details!

Partner With Us

ideaWe are always looking for new partners & opportunities in any industry. If you or your campany have the next hot trend or have an idea you wish to bring to market, whether it be a product or service, Prime is always willing to share in the creative process to make your vision becomes a reality. Call our office today for more details!

Auto Sales and Auto Warranty Leads

carWe are the largest and most well known lead generation company for new and used automobile sales and automobile extended warranty leads  in the country. Prime Media Corp is the only lead generation company in the country certified and accredited by the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA). We rank legal compliance and cost effective leads as a primary objective in each and every marketing act, advertisement, and customer interaction. Our success in achieving this goal is due to the tremendous dedication and teamwork of our employees, clients, legal staff and the VPA.

Online Education Leads

computerAs a very analytical media agency with performance written on every wall of our offices, we deliver leads that will convert to enrollments for both offline and online campus-based Colleges and Universities. Our approach to student acquisition does not follow a predetermined or “cookie-cutter” framework. Every school is unique and, as a result, so are the students that each institution chooses to target. Our strategic relationships with regional and national outlets  allow our team a full range of services to find the ideal candidates and to generate leads that will meet or exceed your enrollment goals. Take advantage of the economic regeneration of new and old students looking to further their education.

Refinance, Purchase or Mortgage Modification Leads

homeiconPrime Media Corp designs marketing campaigns that create a real “call to action” from consumers. Our new home loan, refinance or loan modification marketing campaigns get right to the heart of the matter whether buying new, refinancing or that distressed homeowner looking for help. We will target the states you offer your services in and send calls to you in any quantity throughout the day. The lowest Cost Per Acquisition and best quality leads is what Prime is all about. Call now for further details to help LOWER your Cost Per Acquisition, we will show you how!

Other Targeted Markets

  • Home Security Leads
  • Home Warranty Leads
  • Auto Insurance Leads
  • Health Insurance Leads
  • Bankruptcy Leads
  • Personal Injury Leads
  • Auto Purchase/Finance Leads
  • IRS Tax Relief Leads
  • Medical Supply Leads
  • Home Improvement